Development Circle

The  Open Development Circle is a friendly group open to all those who are seeking to understand and develop their own spiritual awareness. This includes furthering your own spiritual development, as well as exploring the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are important in the development of mediumship (communication, speaking and healing.) The group has successfully produced working mediums, speakers, healing mediums, and helped many people on their spiritual journey and unfoldment.

You don’t have to be a member of the church to come along, and you don’t have to be aiming to work on the platform for this circle to be of benefit. Just bring a willingness to work with your own awareness, and allow your spiritual development to unfold in a safe and supportive environment.

The circle is led by Alv Hirst, an experienced working medium with an interest in the practice of mediumship and the philosophy of Spiritualism. The circle is suitable for all levels. A nominal charge is made per session, all of which support the running of the church.

*Please note that this circle is now on its annual summer break. This means, as usual, there will be no circle over the summer holiday period. Check back soon for details and dates of it recommencing mid-September 2023 when the circle will move to a Wednesday evening slot.

Members £4 / Non-members £5 (You can become a member by asking a committee member in church!)