Healing is a vital part of the religion of Spiritualism. At Westbury Park we have a dedicated team of accredited and trainee Healing Mediums who are here for you.

Healing takes place on Wednesdays (between 2pm and 3.30pm). No charge is made for healing, but we are grateful for any free-will donations which keep the church doors open and allow our healing work to continue. You are also welcome to place names in our Healing Book so that absent healing can be sent.

Spiritualist healing involves the channelling of healing energies through a Spiritualist Healing Medium to anyone wishing to receive upliftment, or the relief of symptoms on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Spiritualist healing can be administered by hands on (contact) or near to the body, without touching, or by thought or prayer from a distance (absent).

Healing at Westbury Park

All Spiritualist Healing Mediums practising in Westbury Park Spiritualist Church have to be trained by the Spiritualists’ National Union and work in accordance with its Code of Conduct and rules and regulations of the UK Healers Regulatory Body. Spiritualist healing does not aim to cure, and works complementary to and not as an alternative to the medical profession, in the same way as other therapies and professions.

Anyone wishing to receive Spiritualist healing does not have to be a Spiritualist or be part of any particular faith or religion.