Delayed Re-opening

Dear Member

Since I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago telling you about the reopening of the church on September 20th, things have changed. The reporting of Positive Covid-19 tests countrywide and locally, have increased and new restrictions have been put in place. 

When we looked at the pattern of events in France and Spain (their experience is a couple of weeks ahead of the UK) the increase of positive testing is followed a few weeks later by an increase in hospital admissions (and deaths, but not on the scale of earlier months because of advances in treatment) We also have the “6” restrictions (English version) in place, but they wouldn’t interfere with the numbers we are permitted to have at a Divine Service. All of these factors together with a very poor response regarding requests for places at the first service were considered by the committee, and a decision was made to postpone the reopening of the church for the present time.

The situation will be reviewed mid October and I will keep you all informed of any changes.

Please keep safe everyone!

Gillian Grimson | Church Secretary