Maureen Murnan CSNU : Workshop

Saturday March 18th : 10am til 4pm : Maureen Murnan CSNU Workshop – “The Doors of your Mediumistic and Spiritual Perception.

Attendance is £20 (or £17 for church members).

To book your place contact Minister Marian Bishop | | 0117 977 1629

More about Maureen from the Arthur Findlay College Website

“I have been a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay college for 24 years. Training and development is a necessary step in becoming professional in our presentation of our Mediumship and Spiritualism.

“My Mediumship and Teaching experience has taken me to many countries around the world to demonstrate and hold seminars on all mediumistic subjects.

“As well as my work at the College and abroad, I organise many workshops and training session in and around the UK and SNU churches, as well my own locality. All students need continuity within their training, so I feel that as tutors we are able to take college training out to areas were students may find it otherwise difficult to get support and encouragement.

“My love of working with Colour and the Aura led me to study Colour Therapy, as this seemed an obvious addition to bring the power of the rainbow into my Mediumistic work. As with all things this too has begun to grow of its own accord and I now combine Colour with Sound and Fragrance, finding as I work with my students that these natural vibrations that surround our everyday world have many effects upon us in body, mind and spirit.

“Trance and the Altered States of Consciousness is something I became involved with during my own student days at the College, perhaps it was because I had many excellent tutors who understood my individuality and the necessity of tender nurturing of this beautiful aspect of mediumship that has led me to continue my own trance development and enjoy working with students whose trance is beginning to blossom.

“For the last 15 years I have worked very closely with the Shamanic Path as journey, towards personal development and discovery of our authentic self. I find this very rewarding to see students discover so much more about themselves and their ability to know and understand their own spiritual connection to both worlds.”