Mediumship Workshop – February 22nd 2020

Medium Sharon Bird will host a workshop at Westbury Park Spiritualist Church on Saturday February 22nd entitled Purpose, Practice and Prominence – Mediumship and You.

This one-day workshop, aimed at beginner- and intermediate-levels, will explore a range of practical techniques to connect and strengthen the link with spirit. It will focus on the importance of building firm foundations and disciplines as well as exploring techniques such as meditation, inspired drawing and writing, inspired speaking and psychometry.

Sharon is an experienced medium, renowned for her accurate and moving demonstrations at a variety of local venues. She is also a skilful and knowledgeable teacher.

“Some people feel a need to explore and develop their mediumistic ability but opportunities to do so can be limited,” says Minister Marian Bishop. “This workshop provides an exciting opportunity to do just that.”

The workshop by Sharon Bird will take place on February 22nd from 10am to 4pm at Westbury Park Spiritualist Church, Cairns Road, BS6 7TH, just off Kellaway Avenue. Tickets should be obtained in advance and are priced at £20. For further information call Minister Marian Bishop on 0117 977 1629.

Sharon Bird – Medium