Our History

“Westbury Park… When we finished we felt it was a living Reality.”

A little about our rich and vibrant history….

Westbury Park first began its journey above the shops in Kellaway Avenue. The Committee had to turn people away from services, and so it was decided to build their own church.

One of the Committee owned the shops and the piece of land where the church is situated today, and so it all began. Finance was also put forward by another church member, and it seemed that whatever help was needed then somehow it came. 

At weekends and in the evenings, even some Sunday mornings … and any spare time anyone had, the building of Westbury Park began …… and to those people the joy of working together and the achievement was so worthwhile.

Somehow through this great adventure they all felt that Spirit were behind them, urging them on, and had drawn them all together and would give them all the support they needed. When the building was completed they were thrilled with their achievement and were all still the best of friends. 

The words of the last verse of Hymn number 402 are now displayed on a plaque on the wall of the church. The words gave all of them the incentive and the inspiration to go on everyday even though they were often on their knees with exhaustion.

They all agreed that when the Spirit is willing all things are possible. They were a wonderful team of workers, and through their dedication and hard work we are here today. 

Mrs Bertha Harris, then a very well known medium from London took the Dedication Service on the 26th March 1955, and the church was packed to the rafters with standing room only. What a lovely reward that was for everyone. 

The church has expanded in many ways and is filled with Love etched within the walls from all who have entered its doors.

We shall be Eternally grateful for the wonderful work that the Pioneers of Westbury Park did for us in the building of this beautiful church many years ago. Custodians now as we are … may this church go from strength to strength in its own quest to serve Spirit. 

All those people now in the Spirit World … May they be proud of us as we make our mark here at Westbury Park and may this church go on for many years to come still standing proud and tall as it was in the beginning when it was first built. 

Let us all remember the words of that special Hymn. 

“Here may a Church Devout and Free

Arise, Devoted, God to Thee —

Its Faith Divine, Its worship Pure

Its work Abiding firm and sure.”

SNU Hymn 402

From the wall of our church

In 2010 during our Hydesville Celebrations the Church was re-dedicated by then Vice President (Spiritual) of the Spiritualists’ National Union, Minister Judith Seaman. Our Pioneers were remembered for their hard work in creating a church that still stands strong. It was a time of looking to the past to draw inspiration for the future, and for the many people who are yet to visit our Church and be touched by the message of Spiritualism.